Love - a timeless Gem
From the beginning of time, or rather from the beginning of recorded history of love, couples have found ways to express their feelings toward one another by offering special gifts from the heart. The early cavemen as well as today’s sophisticated jewel collectors know one thing—tangible symbols of beauty will endure: as eternal as love, as precious as sentiment.
Fine metals and precious stones have traveled a very interesting journey to lead up to what we see on today’s bride. Cavemen made a knot from a woman’s hair in an expression of everlasting love. Later on, a perfect circle in silver and iron preceded the powerful symbol of everlasting devotion—the gold band or betrothal ring. The 18th century saw more elaborate designs including rings with hearts, love knots, and coloured gems. By the 19th century, we had even more gems to our disposal. Women all over the world began to appreciate precious design and workmanship of sophisticated ornaments. And what better way to experience beauty than when you look into a perfect rare valuable diamond.
The diamond, from the Greek adamas, means unconquerable. No wonder it has connected lovers through the ages. Every symbolic gesture and every prized possession converges into that single stone. Its intrinsic value has fascinated jewellers, collectors, and brides. In the past they were thought to have magical powers. They brought energy to the wearer; they were sacred and influential. Today, we still value our wedding jewels, whether they are in the shape of rings or spectacular earrings. We wear them knowing they are a part of us, they define us. We deeply appreciate where they come from and carry a piece of their history and make it our own. We, the connoisseurs, will consider the four Cs (carat, clarity, color, and cut) and assess them accordingly.

The size of your diamond is but one contributing factor to its uniqueness. Appreciate more than size, observe the beauty. Welcome the unique clarity of your gem and value its individual colour. Admire the original design and craftsmanship; the history and the eternal symbolism. Think about the cut, that all-important cut makes a great difference to your precious jewellery. Observe how the brilliant cut diamond, for example, emanates hearts and arrows. When perfectly cut it is an art and a science at once. Since the early 1900’s mathematician Marcel Tolkowski coined it the “ideal cut” as he researched the various angles and the way light bounces from them. Deep inside the core of this gem eight arrowheads can be seen from one angle and eight heart shapes from another. This fascinating symmetry makes you at your diamond in a new way, reminiscent of Cupid and the mythology around his arrow. It was said that a couple fell in love when struck by that proverbial arrow. Ask about the rich information that is available from your jeweller and make sure you request certification.
Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. This intriguing gem has been interconnected with extraordinary love and devotion. When we think precious gemstones, we think Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Queen Elizabeth. Something about these jewels inspires us in the same way as an original piece of art. Imagine holding a rare heart-shaped diamond in your hand. Feel the lustre of the largest pear-shaped drop pearls in history—picture that rare “Peregrina” pearl against your skin. In your mind’s eye envision a spectacular yellow brown diamond. Nature’s rare offerings! We are indeed awestruck by their presence. And, whether we preserve them in museums or wear them proudly on our ring finger or perhaps around our neck, we know that they will always remain a part of the wedding tradition through the ages. Love, a timeless gem, will always be embrace precious ornaments and priceless sentiment.

By Anna Lombardos

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