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Think of sweet delectable sensations; imagine edible works of art, almost too sinful to be eaten, too beautiful not to be displayed. In your mind’s eye, do you see your wedding cake? Can you believe that this sweet sculpture will be part of your special day and will leave a lasting impression with all your guests? This is the type of artistry that creates memories and spectacular décor.

Delicious and delightful sweet sensations! That is what wedding cakes are all about this year. Boundless creations can adorn your venue and offer savoury refuge for your taste buds. A favourite theme, a particular colour scheme, or simply a personal taste can influence the type of cake that is most appealing and appropriate for your wedding. Like a blank canvas, couples are designing their perfect treat according to their individual style and creativity. Your imaginative spirit and creative flare will guide you in your search for that perfect treat. Pastries and cakes are such a large part of the wedding celebration. They can be part of the food stations or they can be placed at a central location to be ceremoniously cut during the evening or casually served to each guest after the meal.

Whether you want your cake to be found amid the cocktail stations, discreetly making its own statement with mingling guests or center stage, your wedding cake should be unlike any other!

Imagine making a bold statement with a multi-tiered traditional cake that will be located near the head table. It can be white, decorated with brightly coloured flowers or white on white with beautiful detailing that resembles fabric or lace. Your cake can be an elegant piece of art decorated to give the illusion of rich fabric draped over a Victorian backdrop. Embroidery and lace trim detailing will add depth and substance. Rich colours and original presentations are breath-taking. Explore the fascinating possibilities! You can reach far beyond your expectations!

What if you require something that is beyond the realm of your perceptions? Anything is possible…

Real exotic flowers may be specially flown in for that extra wow factor. Striking and rare fruit may be brought in from abroad. Your favourite cocoa champagne truffles may be imported and specialty pastry chefs may coordinate the cake top décor in advance to provide you with that je ne sais quoi that will have people talking about your wedding and especially your cake for years to come.

Your cake can be playfully matched to the colours of your bridesmaids’ bouquets or even pick up a particular hue on a sash or a flower. Your cake maker can even recreate a pattern from a swatch of fabric or a picture. Stripes and flowers, checkers and geometric designs; the possibilities are endless.

A wedding cake can also simply be your favourite cake. It can be vanilla, strawberry shortcake or tiramisu sprinkled with dark and white chocolate flakes. It can be garnished with exotic fruits and wild edible flowers. The shades, like the toppings are sumptuous and spectacular. They take on a personality of their own. As an offering to your guests, sweet delicacies will tantalize your senses, decorate your tables, and remain in your memories.

By Anna Lombardos

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