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A fine meal is always a meal to remember. The taste of sweet sensations, bountiful to the eye and gratifying to the palate will be part of cherished recollection for years to come. Appetizers that are both decadent and decorative, multi-course meals that are cooked just right, and the unforgettable fizz of the best champagne will be the finishing touch that completes your table setting. Appealing to almost all your senses, food and drink, is as prominent as it is indispensable.

Chefs and caterers take pride in their expertise and they will gladly guide you and answer your questions about the many new and exciting trends as well as the way traditional dishes have taken a new twist. They can create an individualized menu with a variety of options to fit your needs. Your wedding day should leave a lasting impression. And today, many couples opt to combine their customs and traditional dishes as well as their personal taste in food and drink.

From the canapés to the sweet table, feel free to combine and assemble diverse selections that your caterer recommends. Allow your creativity to soar and the caterer’s proficiency to shine. The rising trend toward smaller dishes, both hot and cold, combined with full course elegant meals is still very much in vogue. Sophisticated dishes imaginatively served on fine china are most appealing. Delicacies flown in from around the world add a touch of exclusivity and most importantly, fresh seasonal ingredients burst with energy, colour, and flavour.

Food stations are another highly sought after concept for guests to enjoy culinary delights while taking time to stroll and mingle. These stations can be lit and decorated to follow your theme or each one can be characterized with its own purpose. And these food stations need not be limited to food alone. Very interesting effects can be explored with beverage stations. For example picture a backlit bar where every martini imaginable can be savoured with or without an olive. Yet another setting can serve exotic drinks from ice shooters, and for those who want to take it a step further how about a signature beverage named especially after the two of you.

Gastronomy has a lot to offer. Indulge in extravagant and exquisite food. Mix and match side dishes and assorted menus. The art of good catering reaches everyone’s palate at your wedding. It is present at every juncture, entertaining your guests while satisfying their appetite. So take the opportunity to explore original presentations and experiment with unique flavour combinations. Your guests will certainly appreciate and fondly remember the great attention to quality and detail. Bon appetite!

By Anna Lombardos

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