the whiter shade of white

Your wedding gown is a distinctive garment that will sanctify the present, honour the past, and celebrate the future. Immerse yourself in the most exciting purchase of your life for this is the year that combines past and present, bold and discreet—even black and white—in a unique array of gowns that speak to every bride more than ever before.

As a bride you want your dress to represent you and to express your sense of taste, style, and traditions. The design, fabric, and colours are an initial consideration, but it’s the details that will complete your look and allow your inner radiance to emerge on that special day. Today it is all about style and class. Opposites attract this year as designers meld vintage and modern, soft and daring. There has never been such variety of fabrics and laces intermingling in one exclusive item of clothing. Whimsical fabric like Chantilly lace, tulle, and abundant embroidery lends an air of romance. Multiple layers and volume bring out the glamour and vitality of the past. Special effects bring out the hourglass shapes and bolder materials such as eyelet lace in cotton or linen coupled with raw silk define a dreamy silhouette fit for a princess. White or cream coloured dresses feature black beading or dark ribbons peering out through countless layers of tulle. They are a glimpse of the past and a vision for the future.

Whether you choose ivory, cream, beige, champagne or white, it is no longer a focal point. Intricate beading, coloured embroidery, and even appliqués are found on everything from satin to peau de soie with fresh and creative use of organza ribbons, flowers and feathers. This year’s designs are almost poetic. They speak through symbols and notable detail. Simple sheaths are matched with ancient treasures forming an interesting personal touch to a modern concept. The return of the one-shoulder gown, the empire dress and the A-line design has marked a new outlook on the way these designs can be worn as they are combined with crinoline or lace overlay. Strapless “trumpet” dresses with a slight outward flare, are accessorized with contrasting colours in piping or beaded edging on chiffon layered dresses with soft hints of pearls and crystals. Many dresses even appear quite simple in the front view and provide a new focus on the back though strands of jewels, beads, rhinestones or even on the emergence of the more elaborate train. Creativity is at its peak!

Embellished special effect illusions transform even the simplest designs into timeless well crafted pieces of art. From dramatic accessories to impressive needlework, this new touch is a refreshing look at tradition. The use of colour captures and maintains a feeling. Like a film from a bygone era wedding gowns define class and elegance.

Look out for the newer, elaborate trains; the contrasting belts and sashes. Notice the way a golden satin flower changes a look. Pay attention to the jet stones forming designs on a white dress. It will alter the way you look at wedding attire.

The first film ever made was in black and white—classic, elegant, and romantic. Today, the bride can add a touch of that old glamour. Always a central figure you will set the tone for this special day. Your wedding gown, whether in black and white, all white, or with hints of colour will remain a unique expression of your personal style.

By Anna Lombardos

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