With All My Heart
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Real Wedding by Magnolia Photography

From the moment they met, Dania and Michael’s paths always seemed to cross. For years, they continually bumped into each other in the most random ways; until one day, they finally decided to plan a meeting time. What was supposed to be a quick bite soon became a six-hour dinner that would have lasted even longer had the restaurant not closed for the night. As they were forced to say goodbye, they both knew this was the start of something special.

As the months went by, it became more and more clear that they were meant to be together. Somehow, everything just seemed to fit. One morning, while on vacation in the African Desert, they woke at four. While they got ready to go, Michael smiled and asked Dania how much she loved him. “With all my heart” was her response. They jumped onto their camels and rode into the dark. As the sun began to rise, they stopped at an oasis. As they admired the breathtaking horizon of endless sand dunes, Michael got down on one knee and asked his soul mate to marry him.

On a beautiful spring day, Dania and Michael had the wedding of their dreams. Following a traditional Coptic ceremony, guests gathered at an intimate setting, decorated by soft-lit candles. As they watched their guests dancing away, they sat back and savored the moment… Surrounded by their families and closest friends, they could not have asked for a more perfect day.

Photography by: Magnolia Candles by: Candelum

With a fresh, and fashion forward point of view, Patrizia Castiglione truly captures the essence of a couple’s spirit and emotions. Her experience as a fashion photographer is apparent in her modern approach to her photographs. Not fundamentally freestyle nor documentary in technique, Patrizia’s specialty vision is of a lifestyle approach to weddings; by truly capturing how each couple mirrors their love for one another. Her goal is to keep each wedding distinctive and unique, and for every minute detail to be covered. That is why Magnolia shoots only one wedding at a time. According to Patrizia, a big part to her success is her ability to build sincere relationships with the bride and groom, letting each couple’s uniqueness come through. When they feel totally relaxed, the resulting images are captivating and refreshing each time they are reviewed; something all couples ultimately seek in creating memorable moments to carry with them for the rest of their lives.

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