March 22, 2007

Re: Elegant Wedding magazine Ontario distribution

With this opportunity, I would like to introduce to you Elegant Wedding magazine, Eastern Canada's most exclusive bridal magazine, catering to our city’s most affluent brides and grooms. It is about unparalleled elegance, true style and sophistication. In fact, Elegant Wedding’s second edition has received unprecedented attention within the wedding planning industry and was recognized at the highest level in an international print competition by being awarded a gold prize for sustainability, design and print.

This exceptional attention has been equally matched with the positive feedback we are receiving from the brides who purchase Elegant Wedding. As our sales have proven phenomenal, we are interested in increasing our distribution into the Ontario market. Seeing that this will be a trial period for us, we are interested in establishing a presence in as many newsstands as possible.

I have enclosed complimentary copies for your review. If you can kindly verify the bar code to confirm viability within the Ontario market and note the retail price of this “coffee table” magazine is $11 plus taxes. We are prepared for an immediate spring distribution as well as a fall distribution in September.

As I look forward to our subsequent conversation, in the interim, kindly note that I am at your disposal for any inquiries at the indicated coordinates appearing below.

Sincere regards,

Steven Pinios


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